Last goodbye

It’s been so rewarding to my soul to write here. Regardless if people read it or don’t. It feels good to write and get it out there. But all good things must come to an end. Ive learned a lot through writing here. I’ve found out that what I have to say can touch hearts. […]

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  It’s that time when we all start looking for that magical change that’s supposed to wrap us up and create a “better” us than the year before. While I agree that goal setting is important, I’m not so sure that every January is the magical time. Should we not always be trying […]

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It’s been a while since I’ve written here!  I suppose that means things have been pretty steady and there hasn’t been much to say. The holidays are upon us and Christmas spirit is in full swing. At least for me. And for Landon. Avery has made it clear the last couple of weeks that Christmas […]

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the gift of YOU

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”  It’s taken a bit for me to believe those words.  But I finally do. The lights, the trees, the music! And let’s not forget the Hallmark Christmas movies. If you’re a watcher, you get it. And you’re ready to bake cookies, decorate trees, drink coffee, and make […]

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The best part about family is the we can be ourselves. It’s a safe haven. It’s a comfort zone. It’s where we share the best and worst of ourselves and it’s ok because these are the people who have our backs 100%. It’s where my five year old lashes out and shows his ugly side, […]

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We are not alone

I often sit and look at our past few years and wonder how in the hell we, or I, am still standing. When I think of all the trauma, for lack of better words, that we have been through,  I’m in disbelief. How in the world did this become my life? And how am I […]

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Who is your hero?  Maybe you have more than one. Maybe you aren’t sure!  Maybe it’s yourself. Which I happen to think is pretty amazing. It’s a perfect goal setter…my hero is me in five years! Avery was posed this question with her yearly Reflections contest. She has three. God, Jesus, and her Daddy as […]

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This is why…

I often talk about how losing PJ affects my children and our family dynamics. To people who don’t know the inside and out of our lives, which is really most, this seems like a normal grieving situation. However, I have had people question why I’m so sad, given that we were divorced. So, I’ll address […]

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Here and now…thankful

“There’s nothing fun about parenting alone.”-False statement.  There are perks.  Number one, all cuddles and snuggles are reserved for ME!  There’s no consulting before making a decision. If I think it should happen, it does. And vice versa. Sometimes that’s nice. However, I would happily share those snuggles if that were an option. And I […]

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No room for second place

I’m constantly evaluating my life. Mostly in regard to my children and parenting. I suppose we all do this, but I feel like I do it more now that I’m trying so desperately to fill the role of two parents. Which is unrealistic and unnecessary. But nonetheless, I do it. Daily, I reflect on how […]

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