Who is your hero?  Maybe you have more than one. Maybe you aren’t sure!  Maybe it’s yourself. Which I happen to think is pretty amazing. It’s a perfect goal setter…my hero is me in five years!

Avery was posed this question with her yearly Reflections contest. She has three. God, Jesus, and her Daddy as an angel!  Good grief!  Just when I thought I couldn’t love her more, she proved me wrong!  I’ll save the image until she’s made it ready for publication, but I promise it’s beyond wonderful. Not because she’s the most amazing artist at eight years old, but because the message it sends is beyond words!

She doesn’t know the back story of her dad.  She doesn’t know his hurt. She doesn’t know his addictions. She doesn’t know his secrets. He didn’t want her to. I firmly believe that’s part of why he left this Earth. He did not want either of them to know.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that I’m a really good secret keeper. Not that I hide things that shouldn’t be hidden, but I know when to not tell the whole truth in order to save a heart.  Or two!  At least until it needs to be told. That day may never come. I’ll hold it in my pocket and keep it safe in case it does need to be told. But until then, it’s under lock and key.

Why?  Because right now the only thing my kids have to hold onto in regards to having a Daddy, is that he loved him. He was fun. He played games. He was silly. He pushed the limits on rules, and they love that about him. For that, I’m so grateful!  I’ve had to explain more to them in the past year that I ever dreamed possible. And they still love him. They LOVE him!  And it’s not my job to take that away. I want them to love their Daddy!

When Avery showed me her picture, my heart was full…and pouring into so many places. 1. She loves Jesus. 2.  She knows there is a God above. 3. She views her Daddy as an angel looking over her.  So she’s aware of the higher power, she believes, and she understands her Daddy’s heart!  She witnessed a lot of ugly, but she holds on to the real person he was!  I couldn’t be more proud of my eight year old daughter!

I sit, often, and look at our life. This is not where I pictured us.  But I’m with Avery. God is our hero. He has blessed us with people and relationships we never dreamed possible.  But here we are!

If I’ve done everything else wrong, that’s ok.  My daughter knows that God is on her side!  Jesus is walking us through this trial, and she sees HIM as a HERO!

As long as she has that, she is golden!

God is good!!  I always knew that!  Sometimes He just has a way of making it a little more clear!


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