the gift of YOU

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”  It’s taken a bit for me to believe those words.  But I finally do. The lights, the trees, the music! And let’s not forget the Hallmark Christmas movies. If you’re a watcher, you get it. And you’re ready to bake cookies, decorate trees, drink coffee, and make a stranger fall madly in love with you in five short days. Christmas magic at its finest.

But let’s get real about it. Yes it is wonderful, joyful, and an all around good time. Mostly. Unless it’s not. And then it’s everything else. Just wishing it were the Hallmark theme!  Am I right?

I can join the “lucky” club this year because I feel all of the jolly but that wasn’t always the case. I had my years of wishing it was all trees, lights, and jolly music. That just isn’t always the case. But people don’t always tell the truth and sometimes we miss that struggle.

‘‘‘Tis the season of giving.” Maybe you’re like me and can’t give monetary gifts. Try this!  Give a listening ear, a hug, some extra love. Yes, to some that’s an ignorant concept, but I promise, it’s not.

I’ve been humbled by the trials of my past. What I want for Christmas this year literally cannot be bought from a store. What I want can only be given by one person, but’s it’s not to be purchased. The reason I share this is simply because I need people to know that a gift doesn’t have to be purchased and wrapped in a pretty package with a bow!  You just never know when your presence is a gift in itself.

Listen closer. Love deeply. Be present. Sometimes your presence is the best gift you can give. Show up for people!  It’s much cheaper and far more valuable!


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