Today is OURS!

Life is short.  I know we hear this all the time, and it can become very cliche. But in all reality, it’s very true. I mean honestly, I was just beginning my teaching career and now I’m 16 years in. I’m pretty sure I just had my first child, but now she’s 8 and the […]

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Let your light shine

It’s September, so it’s time to talk about suicide. Hmmm…we should always talk about this. It doesn’t only happen this month. However, I agree…let’s bring awareness to the topic. Plain and simple, suicide sucks. It really is awful for those of us left to pick up the pieces. But what about those who choose that? […]

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Just a memory

Tonight, my son came to me and asked me to button his jammies. This probably should have hit me before now, but it just did tonight. I’m the only option. Mommy is the only one who can button those jammies. And I will do it happily. I read a lot of posts from moms who […]

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The Untruth Will Heal Your Heart

I’ve always loved the quote “The truth sets you free”.  Which is probably why I write here.  I have found over the last few months that its true.  Be real.  Tell the truth.  Don’t hide.  OK!!  I can do that.  I can say what’s on my mind…sometimes to a fault.  But it really does feel […]

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Love wins

I call this place Healing Hearts for a reason. It’s pretty simple. That’s what we are doing. Healing our hearts. I spend many evenings consoling my children…mostly Avery. She remembers him. She misses her Daddy. I miss my dad too. So I guess I have that to relate.  But I wasn’t six when my dad […]

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Signing off

It’s been quite a year. One we never expected. There’s been a lot of heartache and pain. But there’s been so much growth! Nearly a year ago, we got some tough news. I never dreamed PJ would take his life. Afterall, we have some pretty awesome kids. I’ve learned a lot this past year. First […]

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Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day! There’s a lot to say about this day. It hasn’t been the same for me in seven years. I loved celebrating my Daddy!  He was the best!  He fixed everything from the physical to emotional. He had a special way of making everything right. He was the older, male version of me…whatever […]

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Live without regret

Today I did some reading. I’m not sure what I was expecting to come from it, but I did it anyway.  Self therapy I suppose. I went back and read the latest text messages I had with PJ. There were several. The last one I wrote said “your kids miss you”. I’ll never know if […]

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